It's A KlipKord World!

What is KlipKord?

KlipKord is made up of an ultra-durable antimicrobial nylon cord, 2 heavy duty clips and an adjustable cord stop. Every KlipKord is infintely adjustable to clip, wrap, secure, and hang just about anything you might have. Each set comes with a two, three and four foot lenth KlipKord. And every order has free shipping!!

The KlipKord Story

I originally came up with idea for KlipKord to keep my towel from moving on my yoga mat, to roll it up afterwards and hang a towel over my car seat to keep it from getting soaked after working out. From there I kept on coming up with different uses around the house, in the car, camping, hiking and in the garage. When I showed it to my friends, they came up with lots of other ways to use KlipKord in their life and our product was born.

We are a small veteran owned business located in Rescue, CA and believe our customers deserve a quality product. That's why each KlipKord has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty! Should it ever fail, let us know and we'll replace it.

KlipKord Video Contest

Meet KlipKord and get inspired by customers how-to videos on our YouTube channel. With infinite adjustability you will be amazed at how you can use KlipKord just about anywhere on anything your own. Send us a short video of how you use KlipKord and we'll post it to our YouTube channel. Then tell all your friends to check it out, and if your video gets the most likes that month you win a free KlipKord set! 

Drip Lines Keep Leaking?

Squirrels, mice and rats need water and they know where to get it - your drip irrigation system!  Just a thin application of Critter Begone protects your drip line all season long. And because it sticks around, it won't wash off or need to be applied weekly like other products. We like to say 'once and done' while saving you cash.

Barn & House Wiring 

Any exposed wiring in the attic or barn can be a target for rodents to gnaw on. You could get very expensive specialty wiring if you are building new construction, but what do you do to keep them from feasting on your current wiring insulation? Critter Begone has you covered, just a thin application on exposed wiring will keep them at bay and looking elsewhere for a chew.

Bee Hives Getting Invaded?

Ants are a beehives worst enemy!  Keep them at bay by coating Critter Begone on the legs of your beehive. Those ants will turn right around and march away leaving your hive to thrive!  It also works on any opening in your home like window sills and small cracks. And because it doesn't wash off or lose potency, it will keep protecting the entire season.